Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Canada and New England State Cruise

Hi Bloggers,

Well some of you may know that I returned from a real vacation. One that I have not had since I went into business for myself when I started Dean Allan Design on October 29th 2005. Wow so my 3 year anniversary is almost here.

I went with my parents aboard the “Crown Princess” on a New England coast cruise. We started in NYC... one day at sea... Monday at Halifax Nova Scotia... Tuesday in St. John’s Canada... Wednesday we were scheduled to go to Bar Harbor Maine and the fog was so thick that the captain of the would not let us tender to shore. It was the thickest fog I had ever seen. Thursday at Boston... Friday... Newport, Rhode Island.

New York City and Halifax Nova Scotia were my favorite cities we visited. In St. John's I went on a kayak trip and had a lobster cookout on the beach after words. I loved the big city of NYC and the extremely slow pace of Halifax.

The ship was fun it was 19 stories tall and had over 3200 passengers aboard and over 1200 crew members. It was so tall people asked the cruise director how high above sea level we were and he rolled his eyes and said. It depends what floor you are on.

He had a list of dumb passenger questions he had been asked like...
— Is this island completely surrounded by water?
— Do these stairs go up or down?
— How high above sea level are we?
— Does this elevator take us to the front of the ship?
— In the photo gallery of the passengers... “How do we know which photos are ours?”
— Where is the ships basement?
— Has this ship ever sunk?

I told some of these to my brother and he said he was asked last week at Boulder Toyota by a customer who brought in his car for service because when he took his foot off the break the car begins to move and thought it was a defect. To much “PWT” out there. Yikes.

Well... I want to go to NYC again and spend a lot more time there. One Friday night is not enough time.

TTFN for now.