Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Timely Quote

"In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to live in a world which no longer exists"

— by Eric Hoffer

Celebrating Gay Sensibility

A few years ago I took Alan's workshop. It was highly beneficial in my own journey and awareness. I do highly recommend the workshop. Please visit Alan's website below to get more information.

Being gay encompasses more than sexual identity; it is a sensibility, complete with its own wisdom, creativity, intuition, history, ancestors, humor, spirituality, and expressions of manhood. Gay Sensibility has its own way of seeing and listening to the world. It is responsible for countless contributions to the betterment of civilization. Gay Sensibility is an energetic expression of soul – the batteries for the gay man’s heart-light.

When we affirm Gay Sensibility we claim our good fortunes as men who love men, as spiritual visionaries, as gatekeepers to cultures, and as messengersof beauty. Gay Sensibility permits and welcomes pluralized assertions of masculinity and homosexuality, namely, "masculinities" and "homosexualities."

Affirming Gay Sensibility encourages and nourishes our hearts' potentials while healing the many hurts inflicted by shame and rejection. Living in the brilliant truth of Gay Sensibility is our noble quest and inheritance. Gay Sensibility exceeds self-acceptance and feeling proud; it assumes celebration!

Alan Robarge, MA


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Together" Drawing

The drawing "Together" of the men connect by the tie. To show that love, strong upstanding real love exists between any couple who love each other in any combination (GLBT) that is right for them with out shame. To stand together as a whole couple in a free world. And to remind who ever buys it that their love is whole and very much validated and wonderful in the eyes of others in society.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A week without a cell phone...

...I found it today...

Tuesday morning came to realize that I could not find my cell phone. Where the hell is it? Check all the usual places... crap where the hell is it? Did I leave it in the car? Shit I need to go to my appointment. I will get along without it.

Get back to the studio. Look under everything... Begin to clean... Begin to organize... Crap where the hell is it? It will turn up... Get back to work... Finding the cell phone right now does not get my projects done... clients need concepts emailed...

Wednesday... fuck what did I do with it... Back track... Last time I know I had it...? Sunday... Went to the art store... Went to Wahoo's Fish Tacos... I was talking to Mermaid on it while I was there so it is not at Meiningers. It has to be in my house... call it again... it goes directly to voice mail... It's off thank God... It has to me in my house?

Thursday... Don't worry about it it will turn up... Go to a client meeting... She suggest to pray to St. Anthony the Saint for lost things. Great, I say to myself "pray to St. Anthony? I'm not Catholic. I'm
Protestant." So on the way home I pray to St. Anthony. Get back to the studio... still no cell phone. Great? Oh well I will find it.

Friday... empty out the laundry... no cell phone... look under the bed, under the couch, under the bureau, under the armoir...AGAIN. Jasper make yourself useful... find our cell phone. Mermaid calls... "I lost my cell phone." When? "I lost it on Sunday..." She reminded me that I was talking to her in the car on the way home from Wahoo's. It is here in the house.

Saturday... going out... really need the cell phone... How can I keep in contact with friends without it? I did just fine without it... It was nice actually not having it when I was out.

Sunday... totally given up hope. I will call on Monday to report it missing... 4:30pm it is so nice out. Jasper lets go for a walk. Get my walking cloths on... have to look good while walking jasper. Don't want to look like a slob from the suburbs. Get Jasper's leash. Oh, should take the recycling down while I am thinking of it. Crap can't balance all this stuff at one time...

...set Jasper's leash on the
barbecue grill next to the cell phone. On the barbecue grill? All this time on the barbecue grill out on the patio. No wonder I could not find it. The grill is black the phone is black. Why the hell did I set it there? Thank God it was amazing weather all week. It was nice and dry.

Now it is on the charger... getting ready for Monday.

The thing is that I was not upset about loosing it... it was the process of replacing it... that is what I was dreading. Another pain in the ass avoided.

Thank you baby Jesus.