Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boyfriend-University by Alan Robarge

This is a very insightful homepage

Did you take Boyfriend 101 in college?
If you are like most of us, your answer is no.
Why is it we plan more for our education or
career goals than relationships? Maybe you assume that once in a relationship you'll know naturally what to do.
Good luck with that approach!

Here's a familiar story: Boy meets boy. Boys fall in love. Boys freak
out, fear intimacy, and sabotage their future together. Eventually, boy
dumps boy. Tragic! Ask yourself, why do gay relationships fail?

Everyone needs encouragement and support. Most of us growing up
weren't encouraged to love other boys. We didn't have mentors. We
didn't have role models. We certainly didn't have the culture behind
us, welcoming our homosexuality. When you grow up with straight
parents, learning by example is not an option.

So how then do we create and sustain long-term, committed gay
relationships without feeling isolated? How do we recognize differences
between healthy and unhealthy relating? How do we love and be loved?

Boyfriend University is an education-collective and online
community, offering web classes, relationship resources, and
individual consultations to men seeking better relating skills. Boyfriend
University invites gay men to self-assess how they maintain intimacy.
Our goal is to bring relationship-minded men together, sparking
depth-filled conversations and soulful connections.

Oh yeah, we offer some cool t-shirts too!